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Details , Pleaides, Uta-jima beach
by Dreamwlk
Waiting for a dream, Sunrise battle, Beyond the imagination
by MfM
Mitte-Land, On_My_Way, Say_Again, Tag, Windspiele
by Rumpelrausch_Taeips
by Chrystian Bourassa and Ghislain Caya
Magic Lights
by The Wimshursts Machine


Towards Compression
by Gargamel
There Can Be More, Never Cry, Phased Out, Are we Orbit, Day Dreaming vurt,A New Place, After the rain, Son from far away
by Elv

Aqua, The Gulf war, Ascension, God's Glory, Orbital Station, Mare Tranquillitatis, Black hole, Dancing stars, Back hoe, Where ? When ? Why ?, Gamma rays,, My lovely baby, Waiting for better times (suite), Raining Space, My little hour, My little Sun, Interstellar Rescue, Earth Landing, Home sweet home, Lullaby for an alien child, Deep space ... again
by Adim

All tracks by Adim are computer rendered:
AMD Athlon 64 3000 +, 1 GigaRam, 200Mega HD, Creative Audigy 2, EMU 0404 DSP card;
MS Windows XP, EMU - PatchMix DSP Application;
EMU, SonidoMedia, Sonic Implants, sYnerGi, Utopia Live! Soundfonts; Steinberg Cubasis SE 3 sequencer,
Emulator-X, Slayer2, EVE , AbSynth 3, Guitar Combo, usikstation, Sytrus,



Feb 2008 New track by Adim:
Flying away
Jan 2008 New tracks by Adim:
Home sweet home, Lullaby for an alien child, Deep space ... again, Interstellar Odyssey Mixdown
August 10, 2007 New tracks by Adim:
Earht landing
June 16, 2007 New track by Adim:
Interstellar Resque
March 11, 2007 New track by Adim:
Gamma rays
February 23, 2007 New track by Adim:
Where ? When ? Why ?
February 2, 2007

New track by Adim:
Back home, Dancing stars

November 23, 2006 New track by Adim:
Black hole
August 23, 2006 New track by Adim:
Orbital Station
August 17, 2006 New track by Adim:
My lovely baby
Mare Tranquillitatis
June 27, 2006 New tracks by Dreawlk and MfM
May 29, 2006

New tracks by Rumpelrausche

March 03, 2006

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